Scraping LinkedIn in 2021: Is it Legal?

Photo by inlytics | LinkedIn Analytics Tool on Unsplash


Web Scraping Lawsuit: LinkedIn VS HiQ

A golden ticket?

  • Counsel for hiQ in its brief to SCOTUS

The future of web scraping

Web scraping and its use cases

For individuals

For companies

  1. Updating its current database: Enrich current database with up-to-date data
  2. Leads Generation for B2B sales: LinkedIn URL/email discovery
  3. Research: Use company data to predict market and industry trends
  4. Human Resource: Improves hiring for ATS and recruitment platforms
  5. Investment (Venture Capitalists): Chart out company performances and decide which companies are performing well
  6. Alumni (Universities): Find out distribution of their alumni based on location, industry or companies with further transformation of data

Moving forward with Mantheos






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Jeremiah Tang

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